Engine Check Indicator/Malfunction Indicator (MIL) After Replacing Battery on KIA Sportage 2012

Yesterday, in the morning when about to go the office, my car failed to start. Tried to start the car several times, but still failed. I suspected that the problem came from the battery, but I was very sure that the battery was still in good condition because the hydrometer indicator was still green. FYI, green means OK, white means replace and black means recharge (see image below). Is it that the hydrometer only tells the level of the liquid?? I don’t know exactly.


New AC Delco battery

Then I called my friend,  which I knew he should be still @home 🙂 to come by and pick me or help me to jump start the battery. Well this is my first time jumping start the battery and luckily I bought already the jumper cable long back time ago when I traveled to Madinah with my Mazda 3 2008. Anyway after reading the internet quickly, the principal of jumping start is:

  1. Switch on the car of the good battery, to keep it charging.
  2. Connect the positive terminal (+) from the good battery to the positive terminal (+) of the bad battery. Then connected the negative terminal (-) of the good battery to the negative terminal (-) of the bad battery.
  3. After connecting, then start your car. If it started then remove the cable immediately by the opposite of step 1

My car was able to start immediately, then after some time which I believe the battery should have been charged already, I drove to the office. As usual, it took 30-40 minutes -with the traffic-. After reaching my office, I turn off my car and tried to start it again and I could start it successfully.

When about to leave the office around 16:30, then I faced the same situation again, and asked help from my friend to jump start the battery. My friend then told me to go to the shop immediately to buy a new battery. Eventually, he had the same problem just last week, his battery’s indicator was still green but failed to be charged.

So I dropped by to the shop, the battery was offered 290SAR, and my used battery was valued 30 sar only so total 260SAR. I tried to bargain, but because it was almost maghrib and as I knew these yamani/arab did not like to be bargained and sometimes they became offended, so I just bargained with 250 SAR. But he did not accept the price at the beginning, until some time he said “yalla, bismillah”.

I decided to buy the same brand ACDELCO, with impression maybe the old one was already 2 years.

The shop keeper then measured the old battery during the engine turned on and off. When it was on, using multi meter, the indicator shows 14V (I did not pay attention exactly on the exact voltage). Then he told me to switch off the machine, and measurement showed 10V. He told me the battery was dead, and replace it with a new one. (Please note that normal battery should be around 12V when engine is switched off without any load-especially in my case which I had driven for 30 minutes).

When I about to leave to my home, I noticed that the Check Engine Indicator or Malfunction Indicator Lamp was still on while driving. I searched the manual handbook and found out that I need to bring it to KIA service center. Well was it another money to throw? 😦

I googled and searched the forums and so on, and found out a way to reset/delete the computer memory that was by removing the terminal from the battery and waited some time – I waited for 5 minutes -. I succeeded, the MIL was gone, but unfortunately after some time it came back :(. You know what, I did it again the same steps to reset. After the MIL was gone, I plugged out the mobile charger terminal from the socket and usb battery, I was thinking in case there was a short circuit happened. However after some time the MIL came back 😦

I googled and again and found the same was happening like my case here. Well this might worth to try, but then I found in youtube that with ODB 2 we can read the error code and delete the error code. But still I have to buy this device. So this friday, I drove the car to the masjid for friday prayer, the MIL was still on, the same happened when I left the mosque to my home. Around 14:00, we went to a lecture located in Islamic Center Dammam (ICC),  the MIL was still there. But alhamdulillah, when we left the mesjid around 17:45, the MIL was gone. Until I wrote this article @21:41, the MIL was not there anymore.

So, if you are having the same situation like me, which is  Engine check/Malfunction indicator is always on after you replaced your battery, then try to wait a couple of days while still driving your card normally. Please note also that the indicator should not be on with your old battery also.


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