Buying from Ebay from Saudi Arabia

This is a quick sharing. I just purchased a new laptop screen as replacement to my previous screen which had a defect. I am a newbie, this is my first time purchasing something from internet outside of the country and deliver it to a country which is even not my home country 🙂

So, with your credit card, create a paypal account, because as far as I know you can only purchase using your paypal account in ebay, other cards VS, MC, etc are handled by paypal itself.

After you create your paypal account, make sure that your email is secured -at the moment I am using 2 factors authentications-, because everything will goes to your email. Once your paypal is hacked, somebody just can buy anything without the need of the 3D secure code or other OTP code. Also you will be deducted 1USD for creating a paypal account.

Then you can start browsing ebay and do shopping, but REMEMBER, ebay will deduct 1USD from you everytime you click the button confirm (after you click buy button and select the payment method) EVEN THOUGH your purchase is canceled for example because it cannot ship to your country. COULD you imagine how many USD they generated from this?

OK! Now when you confirmed for payment, the seller will start packing and deliver your good through the courier that you agreed and was mentioned in the ebay page you visited. You can track your parcel, btw they will ship it on the address of your paypal account/credit card account, you may want to tell them if you need to change your destination address.


I thought it will be difficult to enter KSA, but it was easy.  Since I purchase the good from UK, it was delivered using Royal Mail. I tracked the good everyday and once it reach Saudi Arabia, it will delivered to Saudi Post. Mine was delivered to Saudi Central Post Riyadh -> Saudi Central Post Dammam -> Saudi Central Post Khobar, so I have to pick it up.

Also don’t forget to tell the seller for documents -if necessary- such as COO (Country of Origin) or like a declaration letter which tells that the goods is small/cheap item or test item or gift, whatever, the seller must already have experience to deliver the goods to KSA.

Hope it helps.


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