ASUS TP300L Review

This is a short review of the laptop which I currently use at home. I bought this laptop because my company laptop is too heavy with applications which have been installed, thus, when I run android studio it becomes very sluggish.

This laptop has 13.3 inch display, 1TB HDD, 8GB DDR3 RAM and dedicated graphics 2GB NVIDIA GeForce 820M, you can read more information here.

TP300L full display

TP300L full display

This laptop is 2nd hand purchased, but it is almost new and still in warranty, so the comments below should be somewhat valid.

My comments regarding this laptop:

  • Small form factor, not very big and not very small, 13.3 inch. The disadvantage is when you design the layout in android the designer space becomes very small and limited. Therefore I bought another separated 24 inch desktop monitor. Maybe I will write a short review of that monitor.
  • Linux NON user friendly, at least for ubuntu 16.04. The WiFi is  not plug and play, I had to google for the driver; MT7630E-release, from my other laptop and copied to this ASUS. No LAN cable supported.
  • The display is very irritating especially in sunlight or in bright condition. I need to adjust the contrast and keep the screen out of the light source. If not your eyes will become easily tired.
  • Not very fast though, maybe because of HDD? Even in Win 10 without many software installed, still I can feel the lag.
TP300L lid closed

TP300L lid closed

  • You can feel the static electricity on the cover when you plug to power outlet and your body/feet are touching to the ground
TP300L keyboard layout

TP300L keyboard layout

  • I dislike the keyboard especially the cursor, pg down, pg up, home and location, because I mostly used to have separate keys for these functions.
  • When using the touch pad, somehow the touch area and the buttons are connected? And it is quite near to the keyboard that sometimes you click on the touch pad mistakenly.

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